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We have a hand-full of digital media and books available for you to dive deeper into God's living word. You can use and return them at your convenience. Feel free to scroll down and find the right one for you!

The Real You


Do you ever wonder who you are? What is your purpose in life? We all ask this question at some point in our lives and it is a great question to ask! You are the only YOU, You can be! God designed YOU for a PURPOSE! You've probably head these sayings a time or two. They are true statements. God has a very intricate plan for your life that will help to impact the plan God has for other people. We were strategically placed where we are to work together, serving others, just as Christ did. Let the Holy Spirit guide you!

The Real You assessment will give you insight into the gifts and strengths God wired you with, then help you use them in meaningful ways. Ready to get started? The world is waiting for you to share The Real You.

The Real You


RightNow Media

Original, Exclusive Video Content
Looking for a new Bible study? With your free RightNow Media account, you have exclusive access to hundreds of RightNow Media Originals—content you won’t find streaming anywhere else.

Our original series are taught by world-class teachers and are designed to help you walk through Scripture in a way that inspires and equips you to live out your faith every day.


Church Library

We have a wonderful library of Christian based books that anyone can use and return at their convenience. It is located downstairs, right by the stairs. 

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