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Church Use Guidelines


Welcome! We are pleased to help host your event.



One of the most important days in your life is nearing, the BIG DAY!   We want it be exceptionally special for you and are willing to help you in way you need! 

A Christian Marriage is a Sacred and Holy event that makes a statement of Love for the Bride and Groom. It shows their Faith in Jesus Christ together as one and obedience to His teachings.

Pre-marital Counseling: In an effort to be of service to prospective wedding couples, and be true to our calling to do all we can to aid in building Christ-centered marriages, we recommend pre-marital counseling for all couples desiring to be married. 


By knowing Christ as our Savior, one can be assured of eternal life in heaven.

It is common to give the Pastor an honorarium for the service. He will help in arranging a time for the funeral service. A nursery is available during the service and parents will be expected to monitor their children.

Kitchen and Commons Area

The kitchen facility downstairs is available for use. It seats around 75 people comfortably. Please notify us with the approximate number of people that will attend.

Janet Tate will be in contact with you in regards to meal preparations for a funeral.

We ask non-members to please furnish their own food and plate services.

Sound & Video

Church personnel are required to run the sound and video system. Please let us know if you will be needing either of these. 

Clean up

Please clean any area that was used during your event: wipe up, sweep, vacuum and mop. 


You can contact Deacon, Dave Hafer at 402-966-2051 to schedule your event. If you are scheduling a wedding or funeral, Pastor Scott will follow up with you. 


We apologize to say, Sunday and Wednesday evenings can not be used for funerals or weddings. 

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